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EPDM Sheet : EPDM Strip

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EPDM strip of solid rubber material. This solid EPDM rubber strip will be supplied as a coiled roll. EPDM is well suited to and commonly made use of for outdoor and automotive applications due to its outstanding weathering properties and high resistance to ozone and UV, as well as a considerable temperature resistance will be between -30°C and +120°C.

EPDM Rubber Strips are often used for industrial, commercial and domestic lining and sealing. Their combination of good UV resistance and sealing capacity has led to them often being used for roof & gutter sealing as well as in the marine industry.

EPDM Rubber also withstanding continued exposure to most alkalis and acids which makes it a good choice for sealing chemical containers and equipment like tanks, vents and ductwork.

EPDM cut strip rubber comes in common sizes from 10mm wide to 600mm wide and is available in thicknesses from 1mm to 12mm. All types of rubber strip have varying thicknesses and width availability, please contact us if you have special requirements.

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