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Fine Rib Mat

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Corrugated Fine Rib is an anti-slip mat, made to scrape shoes in indoor or outdoor entryways. These rubber runner mats are constructed with closely spaced raised ribs that can effectively brush dirt and debris off shoes and boots that would otherwise make their way onto interior floors, making cleaning a huge hassle! The fine ridges also provide traction when walking atop the mat in dry, wet and snowy conditions, making them excellent and preventing slips and falls in all environments, but especially in the workplace! The bonus scraping ability of this anti-slip mat is essential in wet climate areas, but also excels in any commercial or residential hallway or floor that could use heightened safety.

  • Excellent anti-slip, even when wet
  • These runner mats resist curling and warping
  • Rubber matting runners create a barrier to cold flooring substrates
  • Can quiet footsteps over noisy tiled areas
  • Corrugated rubber matting can also be used as a liner for maintenance and tool carts
  • Easily cut to necessary shape
  • 3mm thick x 1.2 meter x 10 meter
  • 6mm thick x 1.2 meter x 5 meter
  • We welcome custom made size

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